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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  July 9, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm EDT

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stop taking cialis and get medicahelp right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. melissa, i feel better. we miss you. ♪ gerri: hello, everybody. i'm gerri willis. tonight on "the willis report", yet another snafu with obamacare. hothe latest foul-up of tax smokers. restaurant nightmares. the conditions that some of the nation's best known eateries. and america loves its suvs. we'd go for a test drive of the hottest ones you should be driving right now. we watch out for you tonight on "the willis report." ♪ gerri: all that and mor but first, our top story, the bottom
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line of temporary jobs. they're becoming a permanent way of life r some many people out there. in fact, the second-largest employer in the country, and the country is that tent agency. comes right after walmart, wch itself is a heavy user of temporary workers. what holds more weight in our economy? the quality or the quantity. here to weigh in, economic professor at the university of maryland. and this ceo, a company helping businesses hire temporary workers. i hope i pronounced correctly. >> you got it exactly right. gerri: i love that. co-star with you. i find this trend disturbing. the idea that the second biggest employer in the country as a temporary services agency says that there is sothing deeply wrong with this economy. >> certainly we are creatg many more temporary jobs and permanent jobs these days. they don't support a family, they don't even support an individual, and it stands from a
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lousy jobs market. the new health care lot encourages employers to take to jobs and turn them into three so that they can avoid paying benefits. even without the mante, benefit costs are skyrocketing. gerri: no benefits, no retirement. the list goes on and on. it does not support an individual, letlone a family. your entire business model is built around, very intelligent so, temporary workers. why the think this is not threatening to our ecomy. >> i every with you. teorary work forces are growing faster the economy. many businesses, the temporary workforce is becoming permanent. i think is a did -- it is a double-edged sword. at the same time businesses look to cut costs. the category of businesses -- the category of jobs that fall under this temporary rubric is growing.
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it is no longer just a chier at walmart, but temporary lawyers, accountants, technicians, software developers , and what businesses are looking to do is have flexibility in terms of the cost structure which is will we see in some of the numbers. gerri: your flexibility is my pain in the butt. you know, i find this so diurbing. 12 percent of workers are temporary. let's get back to m question of quality versus quantity. which will you choose in this scenario? more permanent workers to more permanent jobs, or more temporary workers. >> well, we clearly want more permanent js, not to dig it -- a way of getting started a new job or area or filling in from here to there, but most people long term have t have a permanent job, even if it is not as an employee but a consultant. a commitment. ey're is a lot of that in the legal sector, the big law firms. it's really necessary.
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you cannot make ends meet long-term. you can always talk about the benefits of temporary work, but it is disrbg that we are creating so few permanent jobs. one has to ask why. gerri: let's ask bob. why are we, you know, developg some many of these temporary workers? ishere something special about this economy, this post great depression, great recession economy that means companies are just unwilling to commit to full-time workers? >> that is exactly right. i think after 2007, what has happened is businesses are gun shy. they nd resources, the talent. needing to make that into the cost structure, seeing this impact of increasing penetration of temporary work force more than ever. gerri: i thought this was interesting to read a recent survey of economists that shows that three-quarters of them believe that this trend is permanent.
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so economists, even people who may regard the creation of temporary jobs as a good thing because it is a job, this is becoming a permanent thing, something new to our economy. what kind of long-term impact will there be? >> for o thing people will be able to prepare adequately. working on a temporary basis, having multiple part-time jobs, things of that nature, people will not save much. they don't save enough as it is and will not build up pension benefits with emploes, things of that nature. we will have an elderly population that is wholly unprepared. i predict there will be a big push for an expansion of what we know as social security. a broader tax base, higher rates simply to provide social security. this will end up costing us in more taxes and government, and i don'know whether that's good for any part of the private sector and all. gerri: bob, one of the big questions -- you always hear
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that temporary work ultimately creates full-time jobs. you move from tempory work in to some kind of full time position. is there any indication that these jobs will blossom into a full-time position? >> i think there are two interesting statistics. 7 percent of u.s. employers say they hire temporary as a way to get full-time permanent positions, but the number for cited reason. second is global statistics show that cohorts of the unemployed who do participate in the temporary workforce over 12 months have a lower unemployment rate. it is definitely a gateway. of course come you don'tant the temporary work force to overwhelm the growth of permanent work forcehich the what is happeningoday is we're seeing temporary work force grew at five times the rate of the economy. a disproportionate move. gerri: that is the glamor. i have to ask you about something that is a little tangentially related.
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weave got -- and these are numbers that astonished me today . i have to ask you. we have more americans on food stamps, more americans on food stamps and we do in the private sector working. take a look at these numbers. 101 million people on food stamps. 97 million working full time. what does that say about our economy? >> two things. one, the economy is trading low-wage jobs so that people can find work but not enough hours and they qualify for food stamps are not high enough wage. especially if they have kids. the other, actively recruiting people to sign up for food stamps, people that might not be inclined because of pride or some other way of getting along. it brings money into communities. the federal government sends money to a rural community with a lot of potentially eligible people and that promotes the grocery store.
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so the grocery industry wants people to sign up and they do it through local governments and nonprofits whispering and to try to get people organized and into the program. gerri: unbelievable. we have to get better jobs. in theeantime, thank you for coming on and great conversation. obamacare, pushing down centives for businesses to hire full-time, as we just talked about. problems still popping up. a computer glitch that may allow smokers to benefit under obamacare. with more on this, the ceo of vital space technology. thank you for coming on. let's talk about was going on. original obamacare was going to penalize them, but what is ppening? >> they're is a glitch where people tt are 65 in terms of employers being able to enforce a greater penalty, the system is not allowing them to charge more than a younger employee because
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they have the the bill. gerri: the very people we want to be involved in.
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how do you think insurance companies will react to this. >>hey're freaking out for a number of reasons. it is their threepeat unintended consequences. if you come back to the announcement of the obama administration the lang the employer mandate, insurance companies were banking on companies enforcing or being forced to provide benefits so that theyan get more members to sign up because insurance companies have to ma up for lost dollars. what will happen now? suppose that i am an employee of a small company that says i don't need to provide benefits.
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lyres when the mtgage meltdown. they lieabout their icome to get mortgages that they could not afford, and now we will be lying to get coverage that in the end we cannot afford either. >> and we are banking on dollars from the penalties that are going to be hardly enforced on self reported data right now from people that are going to simply game the system probably to try and get health insurance. this is not what we signed up for. this is not the law that congress had passed. this is nothat the american voters signed up for, and i think it is unacceptable that we have a law that can now meet -- be manipulated and you can choo bits and pieces that can now be enforced. gerri: this would be funny if it was not so tragic.
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we will have to pick out -- pick up the tab. thank you for coming on. thank you f being on set. well, more to come this hour including the best place to strain your favorite sports team online for free. next, restaurant nightmares, videos of dirty restaurants across the country going viral. if you are eating dinner, you might want to put down the fort when we do this. next time you eat out, watch out for this. ♪ any last requests mr. baldwin?
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gerri: if your eating, but down stomach wrenching videos may have you thinking twice before eating out again. look at this. the restaurant in washington state is shut down for a deplaning after this video exposed nasty old food. yak. plus, a dumpster diving. uploading footage of romney left
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outside near that trash bins with the manager saying he would bring it back into surf. joining me now, senior staff attorney with the food safety program. welcome to the show. so i find this so deeply disturbing because it is not that i eat at fast food joints all the time and my suspici is this happens everywhere, but what is going on and why aren't the people who run these restaurants more interested in keepg this place is clean? >> good question. i think you make a great first point which is that the bacteria don't know whether they are at a fast-food joint or a high-end restaurant. so unfortunately for consumers you can see these kinds of bad behavior is everywhere. it is pretty sad and shocking that we are seeing these things from whistleblower employees. really, the public health dertment is going into restaurants and inns -- inspecting. a problem as consumers have no
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way of seeing the results. it is hidden. gerri: don't they put up signs? doesn't that still happen? >> only in some cities. if you're lucky enough to be in new york city or in some places in california and a few other placesround the country, you may be lucky enough to see a letter grade, but the vast majority of cities, consumers have no idea what is going on. gerri: and let's show people more of this video, totally gross you out if your eating dinner. a taco bell worker in california was fired for looking at talk of that would be later sold to somebody. we were told later that the company said that was not the case. really? so what i think is good about this is that these employees, somebody out there is ming this stuff public so that the consumers can respond. it is probably even more effective than some kind of government campaign to make you wake up because that is always
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kind of blame and you don't pay attention, but let meell youou, people are paying attention to these. >> let's hope that this is the snowball rolling downhill where it starts with a few of these. what would be great is if some major fast-food chain would decide that they want to be the poster child for food safety and would ask for restaurant grades so that they could talk to their own success at protecting consumers. you know, being a will to be the standard bearer for having a letter grade a and every one of your restaurants across the country is goodor business. gerri: we areatching right now we have an employee taking a bath in the kitchen sink, which is also kind of disgusting. it is at burger king, thank you very much. also disgusting and annoying, i do not understand why restaurants let their employees get away with this. why are there not better controls our standards? let's face it, they won't have
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customers if this keeps up. >> prioritizing food safety is good for business. if people get sick, they do not want to eat out. and 40 percent of outbreaks are occurring in restaants, so it is not a small problem. so of the problem can be that a manager who is food safety certified may not be on site, although they are required to be. they may not have a good handle on what is going on. you know, we would like to hope that it is a few rogue employees who are doing these things, but it is unfortunate that we are all at their mercy. gerri: it does not seem like a few rogue employees if there are videos all over the place. we are looking at a guy punching his finger in a taco right now. also -- sorry hear that. >> one would hope that these restaurants prioritize food safety and care for their customers help as much as they prioritize have goo they're rating is r what the latest dining review in their local
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paper says. those things are often kind o publicized, but the inspection is a hidden shame. gerri: anything you can do if you are concerned? my thinking is there is probably nothing that you can do. >> that is -- there is very little that consumers can do. you know, take a look at the common areas that you can see. you often cannot see into the kitchen. some of the most dangerous things you would not necessarily see any way, but you can see the bathrooms, and you can see other common areas of those places are filled the, you have to question what kind of sanitation is going on in the kitchen. gerri: that is exactly what i look at. thk you for coming on. excellent information. thank you for your time. and later in thehow a new proposal could stop tax benefits associated with investing in muni bonds. we will tell you about it. we answer the question, how do
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♪ gerri: if you want to cut the cord, that usually means cutting out sports altogether, a disaster. my next guest says it is still possible for fans to watch teams live, even without cable.
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joining me now, senior tech analyst. all starts with the most important sport and answer the question myself. golf. pga. you can watch golf on your ipad or on your computer for free. you can't do that with all sports. less talk about the nfl. >> right. they offer a number of difrent options. but if you want to watch live games, you're out of luck unless you're a cable or satellite subscriber because the nfl has a lot of pre-existing deals with broadcasters. gerri: that sell them make their money. >> exactly, and there worth a lot of money. you can listen to the games live if you pay $10 per month. you could listen to audio and watch the replay. if you wanted to and live your going to need to be a direct tv subscribers subscribe to cable. right now if you buy madden 25,
9:26 pm
it comes with the free 17 week subscription to nfl suay ticket. so you can watch it -- you can watch it on your tv, but you can watch it on your computer, tablets, phone for free. gerri: let's talk about america's vorite sport, baseball. >> well, they have done a really good job when it comes to streaming. there were one of the first major leagueo get into that and offer something called mlb tv premium pass which costs about $130 per season and will give you access to outf network games which means that if you want to watch live games happening in your area you're out of luck because of the way that the blackout restrictions work, but if you want to watch your favorite team in a different place of state you can tune into them live and also catch up on highlights. gerri: $80 per year. >> exactly. gerri: the stock about basketball.
9:27 pm
>> it works pretty much the same way. the nba has a number of different options. they charge separately if you want to access through a consul like and i xbox. gerri: people don't think about this, but the hockey season lasts almost all yearong. can you access that without a cable package? >> he sure can, and the nhl has to do a better job with this stuff because they don't have -- espn. you can watch on connected devices. you can also watch hockey on the website. gerri: so a lot of these games -- really the toughest thing is football. >> yes,. gerri: everything else you can get access to if you really want to. the big thing for a lot of people is not the professional sports but college sports. what do you say that? >> college's top because of that -- the n.c.a.a. has different rules come in differe
9:28 pm
agreements. actually, your best bet is to watch espn. a lot of isp support it. you don't have to have cable to be able to access. a good oortunity especially from your local teams is to check outn area, which is a service. gerri: love that. >> the new york based company and about five per six different markets right now. but it provides all your local broadcasts over the internenet. so you don't he to have a satellite or an antenna set up outside your own house in. you use one of theirs and can access that and get the local content, including local college sports. gerri: it's not free. >> $8 per month. gerri: which is not a lot. >> no. gerri: a lot less than a cable package. thank you for coming on. appreciate your time. now it's time for look stories you're clickingn tonight. the stock market heading higher with t nasdaq posting its best close in nearly 13 years.
9:29 pm
all of the other indexes rose as well. slower global growth this year. the agency is predicting major slowdowns in china, brazil, and across europe and says the world economy will grow at just over 3% this year. apple and amazon, the lawsuit over who has the right to use the store name. the district court judge dismsed the case at the company's request clearing the way for both apple and amazon to use the name. the national highway traffic safety administration is looking into whether general motors has sufficient procedures in place to identify a defect in its vehicles. the investigation follows a may recall of closed at03,000 vehicles. the recall stems from a defect causing the battery tools, those of some of the house stories right now.
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>> here again is gerri willis. gerri: a shot of times square, the crossroads of the world very busy today. uncle sam trying to get money fr bonds. joining us to talk about the possibilities of increased taxes on the muni bonds results.
9:34 pm
so this is a big talk, the ite house looking for tax revenues saying whate should do is tax muni bonds, would anybody ever buyne again of that happened? >> peoe invest in muniz for the tax to disability. people will go elsewhere, huge mistake. able spending like mad and looking for revenues and go for the well-heeled. gerri: $30 billion, this is something the white house just doest want to keep his hands off of. tell me, what would be the unintended consequences of this? >> you are not going to affect the rich, the rich will go somewhere else, but will affect the cities, the states, the municipalities. this is for sewers, hospitals,
9:35 pm
schools, airports, you name it, for the good of the public. yet they are willing to do something like this, states and cities are alrrady on their backs. i don't get where they are ing with this. gerri: you say the rich will go elsewhere, but often just your average rate harry that invest in muni bonds, they will get hit here. you will have this effect of robbinmoney from the localities that need it most, people at or near retirement trying to save all the money they can. it seems to be a double whammy. >> it seems to me oever has come up with this idea came out of the movie "one flew over the cuckoo's nest." it makes no sense whatsoever. you try to get revenue from a place, the people with the
9:36 pm
revenue will go someplace else. a corporate bond market, if the tax deductibility is gone, the corporate will look better, people will go better. who loses? cities, states, and the projects that are important to them. gerri: 13.5 billion, the third largest monthly outflow on record, where people getting out of muni bond funds? >> the fed has created a bond bubble, price and yield has been distorted for a while. when things get out of whack, eventually normalization will happen. all you have seen the last two or three months interest rates normalizing to the upside and bond funds perpetual. a lot of these muni bond funds lost three years of income, a very rough road for people.
9:37 pm
gerri: if this were to happen, and frankly i am not sure it will, where would you tell people to go instead? >> probably go to corporate, but they will be a rush of money out of munis w to find those areas d they will be overpriced as well. a city and state government will be yelling and screaming at the top of their lungs if they even approach the subject. keep your fingers crossed somebody gets smart in the white house. gerri: thank you for coming in. >> thank you. gerri: n we want to know what you think. would you still by muni bonds with no tax benefits? i will show you the results at the end of tonight's show. it is time now for another edition of "the willis report"
9:38 pm
wall of shame it. tonight's honoree, the irs. posting social security numbers of tens of thousands of americans online. they were posted to an irs database for tax exempt political groups. uncovered the problem while working on an unrelated audit. the government website with the numbers were posted was shut down the next day, s the whois information got leaks? mostly donors. you can add this to the growing list of irs andals although to be fair, they are working remedy at least one of them. acng irs commissior telling workers in an e-mail today he is canceling bonuses because of the sequester. it calls about bonuses this year, but a clause enables the irs to renegotiation.
9:39 pm
some that are good for you, and next o of the most popular family cars on the roads, midsized suvs. so what is the best to buy? after the break.
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gerri: suv sales are roaring. a midsize suv challenge where 60 most popular models went head-to-head in a series of tests using families to test them from chicago. executive editor for great to see you. let's talk about the contenders and how you conducted this challenge.
9:43 pm
>> the challenge has alys chosen a type of vehicle we have done cars, pick up trucks. this undecided to zero in on the midsize class five rows of seats, good interior volume more than you will get in a car but not as much a big truck and a price cap and we picked six to go to the test. gerri: let's show the contenders. you use real people to test these i might have had different criteria and the people at, how do they differ? >> we considered consumers in these tests. the consumers do the same thing we do. a family, couple and their two children from one vehicle to the
9:44 pm
next and check them out. it is honestly the best thing about this type of test because it allows us to do something that is very difficult, practically impossible for regular consumers to do because the dealership tends to sell one brd. gerri: you can make real-world comparisons. do they have different priorities than the experts? >> we always find that all things out that we may not have thought of. people who haven't shopped for cars and longtime don't realize how much there is w. usb ports in the front or the rear, household outlets to charge their phones, use the tablet and such always gets a lot of attention from people.
9:45 pm
gerri: let's do the big reveal, winner described as a luxury liner by some of these individuals who tested. what was it? liz: it was the jeep grand cherokee. we have done a couple dozen of these large-scale tests. this one has been above. gerri: what do people like about it? >> there is a lot of technology and it is well implemented. 8.4-inch touchscreen in itself isn't something but it is easy to use, touch sensitive buttons. leather included in the pricee tested, leather front anrear seats. backup cameras. it was overall very strong and that is usually what rises to the top in a test like this. gerri: what came in last? >> the toyota benzo.
9:46 pm
it was really the only point of concern as far as fighting to make drivi is a concern because people didn't like the brakes, too mu action for your leg, they did not like the interior quality and that reflects on that vehicle and the number five finisher have not been redesigned since 2009nd it showed how much better quality has gotten in these things. it is lowered to the ground and americans just don't le wagons. gerri: thank you for coming out tonight, interesting insight. thank you. >> thank you for your interest. gerri: and the people fixing your suv may not have a college
9:47 pm
ucation. what other careers fall under this category? number five, computer systems analyst. most of them have a bachelor's degree, it is often not a requirement. you can earn average salary more than $82,000. electricians usually require a high school diploma plus an apprenticeship. average salary jst under $53,000. carpenters, expected to grow 20% by 2020. a bachelors degree isn't required by some technical training is. mechanics, these professionals earn $40,000 per year, no degree required. the number one is registered nurses. they make good pay, average salary close to $70,000 per year. we are writing a wrong compared to what you eat. my some foods are getting a bad rap and they don't deserve eggs, number one. the boys used double miles from their capital one venture card
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gerri: are you feeling guilty about buying bad foods?
9:50 pm
9:51 pm
gerri: even food products needs redemption. the quest to stay healthy and fit can lead people to give food and bad reputation when they are good for you. here was foods i need a second chance, registered dietitian and
9:52 pm
creator of moms dish it out. if you're going to start with food which everybody disses, that is the egg. >> i love eggs. i don't even qualify food is od or bad, we like to say everyday foods or sometimes foods, eggs are everyday foods. especially something like these that are lower in saturated fats. when the egg crazed started, everybody was worried about cholesterol. what raises the cholesterol is the saturated fat in the diet. choose lower saturated fat foods. eggs are lower in saturated fat so we can eat them. gerri: you can boil an egg, they are buttered, none of that stuff although i like to do that, to tell you the truth. easy to make and easy to eat. all rit, let's talk about uit because some are worried about excessive sugar they talk
9:53 pm
out being bad for you. how is that possible? >> imagine a kid never eating fruit. as a diabetes educator, i tell my clients to eat fruit but it is a matter of how much fruit to eat at one sitting. you cannot eat a whole pound of grapes but you can e your strawberries. you could eat about a cup and a quarter, that only counts as one serving of carbohydrate. you definitely can eat fruit and you want to be eating it high in antioxidants. gerri: the berries. >> blueberries, the perfect food. gerri: the gluten stuff, whether that is bad for you, regular wheat, can you digested, what you say about that? spiegel are we want to be gluten-free they're talking about eating all of this
9:54 pm
protein. gluten is the protein in wheat, so why are we making our food more processed instead of just eating whole grains like wheat and bread and pasta? gerri: are they worried they have been genetically modified in that causes them to be difficult to digest? >> you think about how processed the food is taking out the gluten, that should be mo of a concern. instead, let's just try to eat as natural and wholesome as possible. pasta, i love pasta. gerri: i love it. >> and also soy food. those are whole soy foods. everybody says no, but these are whole foods, they are not processed. and there's no connection to eating whole foods and breast cancer.
9:55 pm
a lot of people are worried about breast cancer. it is okay and safe have the whole form of soy. gerri: thank you for coming on. it was all good news, i like that. we will be right with the awer to our question of the day. stay with us. every day we're working to be an even better company - and to keep our commitments. and we've made a big commitment to america. bp supports nearly 250,000 jobs here. through all of our energy operations, we invest more in the u.s. than any other place in the world. in fact, we've invested over $55 billion here in the last five years - making bp america's largest energy investor. our commitment has never been stronger.
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[ male announcer ] where do you want to take your business? i need help selling art. [ male announcer ] from broadband to web hosting to mobile apps, small business solutions from at&t have the security you need to get you there. call us. we can show you how at&t solutions can help you do what you do... even better. ♪ >> as congss works to change the tax code deductions could disappear including the benefits for buying in the bonds. here is what some of your posting on facebook. >> i would if the rates were higher but with the tax treatment that would hurt it. and if there's no benefit to bind -- by thebonn now with the interest-rate sova you could get a better return elsewhere. >> 7 percent said yes and
9:59 pm
93 percent said no. your smart. hear your e-mail. >> great show. keep up the investigation into what the hell is happening to our country. great female. >> i really like your program. you have things that people can do with on a daily basis all the other channel say the same thing and the irs scandals in the big guys the incident only the government or congress can fix. i feel i can do anything about it but your show deals with everyday people every day in something akin change to pick up the phone. >> thank you for the show i watched as often as i can. your information on charities not to donate to has been helpful. >> said to be no. that is it for "the willis report" thank you for joining us do not forget to
10:00 pm
the tv are the show. we will see you tomorrow..3 >> good evening. tonight the focus is on justice in america. that is often perverted by a huge cost and denied by motions to differ, and competence and outright corruption. and a trial in florida with each and every passing da that too often that all officials are willing to make every day with a


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